Icare is dedicated to provide your business or residence with the most effective and ongoing pest management solution available.icare's unique and complete approach supports quality on-site supervision with an entire team of experts who develop and monitor your Integrated pest management solution.

We recommend an Annual Maintenance Contract for all services ( Termite Treatment,Cockroach Treatment, Red Ants Control, Black Ants Control, Anti-Rat Treatment, Bed Bugs Treatment) to keep your property free from pests throughout the year.

No one-size-fits-all solutions here. Your icare shield will be a made-to-order solution, uniquely customized for your home or business premise. No matter which one of our services you choose, you'll get the most advanced pest control technology available - apt, effective and long lasting solutions.

We value your time; we consider your schedule to be our schedule. If you ever have a concern between scheduled visits, please feel free to call us, a trained, certified icare expert will have a solution for you within 24 working hours. We have satisfied thousands of our customers by protecting their homes.

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COCKROACHES provides protection against crawling insects such as cockroaches, black ants, red ants, spiders, psocids and silver fish. Crawling pests can be found anywhere, be it homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories, etc.

For every cockroach you see, there are a hundred hidden. Not only do they contaminate food and utensils but readily spread disease causing organisms leading to dysentery, diarrhea, food poisoning and asthma. The Treatment
For Cockroach Control, gel is applied at harborages such as cracks, crevices, electrical appliances, etc. The cockroaches will be attracted to the gel, eat it and die.

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Termites or ‘White Ants’ as they are commonly known, are social insects that live underground in colonies of millions.

They feed on anything containing cellulose i.e. wooden doors, furniture, fixtures, paper, books, clothes even currency notes.
They are hard to detect and are almost always discovered only after the damage has been done.

The Treatment
We use the latest DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique to form a barrier against termites. This method is quick non-messy and completely safe. It makes a completely undetectable chemical barrier around your property assuring you of continuous protection.
We also treat infested woodwork with chemicals to kill termites and protect it from further attacks.

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Rodents include rats, mice and bandicoots with commensal rodents being the ones which live with or near man.
Rodents have become one of the most disastrous urban pests, living at our expense, invading our homes, eating our food and damaging our belongings.

The Treatment
It works on the Scientific coalition of :

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Wood borers are tiny beetles whose larvae feed extensively on wood. The adults make tiny pinhead size holes on the wooden surface before flying out.

The frass or powder then begins to fall out from these tiny holes. This is the first sign of infestation in the furniture

The Treatment
Wood Preservative chemicals are injected into the tiny holes created by the wood borers with the help of a syringe.
This kills larvae present in the wood. The surface of the wood is also sprayed with chemicals that contain a petroleum base.

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Bed Bugs are cosmopolitan pests, attacking all, whether hygiene plays a role or not. They are hitch-hikers and very common in public transport, hospitals, theatres, hotels, hostels, etc.
They move from place to place along with people’s clothes and baggage. During the day, bed bugs hide in tiny cracks and crevices and feed on human blood at night.

The Treatment
Bed Bug Management Services consists of a thorough inspection of the entire premise.
The most common places are beds, mattresses, pillows, storage cabinets, sofas, walls, etc.

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Available in Cast Iron and Steel Fabricated body with capacity ranging from 5 to 500 Tons.


  • A completely odorless treatment.
  • Solution for a variety of pests and insects.
  • It is totally hassle free and safe for the occupants.
  • Long-lasting and highly efficient treatment.

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Cleaning Services

I-Care Housekeeping Services is a professional cleaning company. We take pride in our work and value our customers.
We cover most areas of cleaning including residential cleaning or house cleaning,

commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, post construction cleaning housekeeping services and facility management services our services include carpet cleaning,

upholstery cleaning, floor scrubbing, kithchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, pressure washing etc.

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